Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Week...

We are Back!

Today we attended our first Peabody Mills classes.  The older children attended Up in the Air.  They learned about how air affects different things.  They made a pinwheel, paper airplane, and parachute and then tried them out.

The 3 year old and I learned about the ABC's of Ecology.  We went on a small hike, picking up trash, learned about different types of Reduce, Reuse and Recycling.  We finished it up with an art project of making his first initial with recycled pieces of paper.

We also did our normal daily stuff in the morning...The first grader is learning subtraction, addition, counting by 10's, spelling consisted of an activity to find the ending of words in a group of pictures, handwriting, Latin, they are learning, "Quid agis?"  "Sum bene, optime, or pessime.".  The fourth grader is learning long division, lengths, long multiplication, and about diagramming sentences.

We are reading Pinnochio by C Collodi with the First Grader and the Fourth grader is reading Inkheart.

We are off to swim team in a little bit...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's a Fertile?

Today was a History day. We learned about Ancient Nomads and the Fertile Crescent.

I asked the question, "Why is the Fertile Crescent called fertile?" The answer? "Because they grew fertiles."

I could not stop laughing!

Then in music we were listening to music by Johann Sebastian Bach on YouTube and the 6 year old tells me she cannot see Bach in his music video. I told her he would be like 300 years old and she said she could not see any old guys in the video. I had a hard time not laughing so hard!

Another day in the life of...

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Back to school after an incredibly busy weekend!  We had a beach day, soccer, and then a Baptism on Sunday.

Today we learned about Leonardo da Vinci in Art, colored our own Mona Lisa, and heard a little historical information about the artist.

We learned about cells in Science and studied an egg, the perfect cell.  They drew a diagram of it and studied it with a magnifying glass.

In Latin, we learned Quid es tuum praenomen? and Meum praenomen est...

Then we had our other subjects, math, writing, grammar, handwriting, reading, etc.

Tomorrow is a 5 year old's special day, her BIRTHDAY!  She is soooooo excited to turn 6 tomorrow.

Ahhh Friday!

This Friday we were at a much less frenetic pace!  We were able to relax and enjoy our studies.  Although the children were pretty tired, yawning, etc. I finally said, "Let's go for a walk!"  This is a large benefit of homeschooling!

We went on our "Elk Walk" because we get to see our neighbor's elk, yes, elk!  The children love it!

We finished off our study of archeology and history with a movie, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.  This mom is beat!

Our first full week is DONE!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Future Archaeologists

Today we were future archaeologists.  We did a dig in our sand table for items that told a story about our "Ancient Civilization".

The children had so much fun.  OK maybe the baby had so much fun!

We also went outside and did a plot study of our woods.  We took a 1 meter square and observed what was in it.  We saw bugs, grass, dirt, woods, rocks and lots more besides.

Today was our 3 year old's first day of school.  He was so excited!  I asked him what he did, he played on the iPad!  Too funny!

The five year old learned Salve and Vale in Latin.  We are just introducing nouns to the 9 year old for Latin.

Tomorrow, because it is Friday, we will learn more about archeology and watch the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.  It should interest them.

We are doing some math testing as well.  Should be a full day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday is Fun Day!

It was a very busy day today!

We had school until 10:15 am, moved on to speech therapy in Hudson, Homeschool Co-op, library, then piano.  I introduced division to the 9 year old.


The Homeschool Co-op was a present your favorite book from the summer.  The five year old presented, The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School, by Laurie Halse Anderson.

The 9 year old presented, Kingdom Keepers, by Ridley Pearson.

They were both a little nervous, but did great.

I thought I would include a self-portrait of the 3 year old!  LOL